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Whether transporting by road, rail, air or ship, traffic safety is paramount. Proper load restraint is obligatory. It is important for the success of a consistent accident prevention policy. Serious shifts in the cargo can be prevented with the proper use of tie-down belts, load securing and clamping beams.

Samco has many years of experience in the field of load securing. The main focus is on good product quality that complies with specific mode-based features, standards and legal requirements. The load securing components are TÜV-inspected and approved in compliance with DIN EN 12195-2.


Product portfolio load restraint

+ Tie-down belt with 2 triangular hooks (claw hooks) in 8, 10 and 12 m length
+ Tie-down belt with long lever Ergo ratchet and 2 triangular hooks
+ Tie-down belt with 2 claw hooks (U-hooks) in 8, 10 and 12 m length
+ Load securing beams for parting wall lock

+ Round pipe clamping bar with rack
+ Square pipe supporting beam with ratchet
+ Square pipe clamping bar
+ Square pipe supporting beam


Equipment and accessories

+ Gasket for fuel tank cap
+ Tank cover with ventilation
+ Tank cover with ventilation and lock made of Nirosta [stainless steel]
+ Tubing cutter for plastic tubes
+ Document roll with screw-on mounting links

Equipment and accessories

+ Document roll with screw cap
+ AdBlue tank cover with lock and ventilation
+ Urea-filter kit for AdBlue
+ Torque multiplier
+ Plastic welding device/Plastic repair system kit

Load securing beams

Reliable and maximum stability

Load securing beams from Samco consist of a wide aluminum profile. Bolts made from hardened steel are attached to the ends of the beam which are sensitive to breaking. These ensure reliable and maximum stability of the load securing beams.

load securing

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