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Air springs are the solution for vibration-controlled suspension of machines in heavy-duty vehicle and commercial vehicle engineering, and also in the area of passenger cars. The air spring also increasingly replaces traditional pneumatic cylinders due to its efficiency. As an important component of air spring systems,

a perfectly designed air spring absorbs even the strongest vibrations. A good product quality is extremely important. It guarantees reliable protection of machine and cargo. Samco owes its position as one of the leading providers of air springs in the market to the strict qualitative orientation.

Samco - Bälge
Roll bellow
Samco - Bälge
Complete air spring
Samco - Bälge
Samco - Bälge
Seat air spring


More than 800 types of air springs in the assortment

You will receive the entire assortment of BlackTech air springs from Samco. An average inventory in North Rhine Westphalia of roughly 40,000 air springs ensures fast availability of the products. You will receive more than 800 different air springs specifically for the type of vehicle and the application in question.

+ Roll bellow
+ Complete air spring
+ Seat air spring
+ Cabin air spring
+ Convoluted bellow

Our promise of high quality

Steam vulcanization – for homogenous tightness of rubber

As one of the leading providers of air springs, quality is the priority for us. The ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications guarantee high standards. We place very high demands on the tightness of the rubber during the air spring production: unlike other providers, we do not vulcanize with heating stoves, but with steam. Through this approach, the individual layers of the air spring are connected and sealed uniformly with hot steam.

ISO/TS 16949
ISO 14001
OHSAS 1800

Individual recipes

The basis for constant quality

The rubber that is used to produce the air springs is produced according to individual recipes. As a result, the quality of the air springs is controlled already from the first step and a uniform quality of the product material is guaranteed.

Private Label

Private brand production for the quality-conscious trade

Do you want to strengthen your own label on the market? Then Samco is the perfect partner for you. The quality of the products and the wide assortment of products guarantee reliable products which will help you to score points with your customers at the highest level.

Samco Luftfederbälge: Immer das richtige Produkt
Samco air springs: Always the right choice
blacktech Air Springs

Exclusive supplier of Blacktech

Exclusive agency of Blacktech in Europe

Being the exclusive sales representatives of Vibracoustic CV Air Springs GmbH in Europe you will receive high-quality air springs of the Blacktech brand from Samco. Blacktech is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) brand and provides internationally leading commercial vehicle manufacturers with innovative air springs. Samco and Blacktech set new standards in air suspension technology.

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