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The air brake systems in trucks and trailers are one of the most important components. They ensure that the air-operated installations in the truck operate perfectly in all situations. We are aware of the challenges of brake parts and the responsibility associated with it.

For this reason, parts for compressed air devices and brake parts are produced by Samco only according to OEM DIN standards. All parts for compressed air devices are 100% checked in production for tightness, dimensional accuracy and precision fit.

Our air dryer cartridges offer maximum protection for your brake system

Samco - Lufttrockner-Kartuschen

Air-dryer cartridges

Tailor-made air-dryer systems

Samco offers a broad assortment of air-dryer cartridges for excellent air-dryer performance. Dirt and humidity do not find a way into the brake system thanks to the tailor-made air-dryer cartridges. The air-dryer cartridges have an excellent durability and useful life, and thus protect your vehicle from down-times.

Cartridges with seal + cover

  • + Scania cartridge
  • + DAF cartridge
  • + Mercedes cartridge
  • + Renault cartridge
Polyurethan Luftwendel
Polyamide Air Coils
Polyurethan Luftwendel
Polyurethane Air Coils

Air Coils

Made from pure polyamide 12

Air coils connect the compressed air braking system of the tractor trailer with that of the semi-trailer or link the components of a compressed air braking system. The compressed-air and brake parts of Samco are produced according to the OEM DIN Standards. The air coils with  anti-kink protection are tested and checked in accordance with the requirements of DIN 74323.

The consistent monitoring of the air coils for tightness, precision fit and dimensional accuracy ensures a reliable product.  The air coils are labeled in accordance with the following specifications:  20 windings black according to DIN 74323, all other black air coils according to DIN 74324, and colored coils according to DIN 73378.

The outer shell of the Samco air coils consists of pure polyamide 12.
The air coils are available with 18 or 20 windings and at lengths of 3.50 m and 4.00 m. The air coils with universal adapter system are suitable for all vehicle types and consist of weather resistant plastic with anti-kink protection.  The cutting ring couplings ensure that the endpiece of the air coil remains connected to the air pressure supply, also in the event of excess pressure.

Air Coils: Unicoil Series

• + Outer material: polyamide 12 (PA 12)
• + length: 3,5 + 4 meters
• + 18 or 20 turns
• + universal adapter system
• + weather resistant plastic bend protection
• + Duo air coils: 2 convoluted air coil, 22 turns
• + Outer diameter: 110mm

Air Coils: Polyurethane

• + Outer material: polyurethane (DIN 74323 & DIN 73378)
• + Port Connection: M16 x 1.5 + M22 x 1.5,
• + metal strain relief
• + 21 turns
• + universal adapter system
• + suitable for all vehicles
• + weather resistant plastic bend protection
• + as a duo air coil, too

coupling head
Two line coupling heads

Coupling Heads

Two line coupling heads

  • + Non-interchangeable design
  • + Coupling heads for stock + brake


Coupling heads with integrated filter

  • + without test connection
  • + with test connection

Two line coupling heads automatically

  • + Non-interchangeable design
  • + Coupling heads for supply with double connection
  • + Coupling heads for brakes

Bleeder Kits for Trucks


  • + Schott male coupling + antikink
  • + Scania nipple + antikink + Valve Extension
  • + DAF bleeder kit
  • + Iveco bleeder kit
Ausblase-Set für LKW

Brake hoses

20 meter + 40 meter lengths

Hoses must be able to withstand many challenges: whether media, temperature or pressure resistance, abrasion behavior, bending radii, and many more; a reliable product quality is particularly important.  Samco’s brake hoses are DIN ISO 74310 certified. We offer brake hoses in 20 m and 40 m length, and also in smooth or bandaged design.

High quality brake hoses according to DIN ISO 74310

+ Used in air brake systems for automotives
+ Material: oil resistant, synthetic rubber
+ Extremely flexible synthetic yarn reinforcement
+ Surface: heat and ozone resistant, synthetic rubber
+ Color: black
+ Operating temperature: -46 °C to +120 °C
+ Safety factor: 6.2 : 1

Plastic pipe for the brake line

25 meters + 100 meters

  • + made from UV-resistant PA12
    black, according to DIN 74324
Kunststoffrohr für Bremsleitung

Tire inflation hose + accessories


+ With pressure gauge 8 meters, incl. coupling head + plug
+ 8 meters, incl. coupling head + plug
+ 15 meters, incl. coupling head + plug
+ Lift valve, incl. plug for tire inflation hose
+ Valve, incl. hose connection plug for tire inflation hose
+ Coupling head, incl. plug for tire inflation hose

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