electrical parts


Samco supplies its international customers with electrical parts for a variety of applications in the commercial vehicle sector. Particularly high demands are placed on vehicle electronics in terms of temperature sensitivity, resilience, tightness and impact resistance.

Electrical parts must function absolutely reliable even under changeable weather conditions. It is for this reason that product quality of electrical parts is a priority for us.


Range electric parts

• + telematics cable
• + telekabel
• + electric coil (7-pin 12V / 24V, 13-pin, 15-pin, 12V / 24V)
• + spiral lines
• + spiral helix
• + electric cable
• + plugs
• + sockets

Range electric parts

• + adapter
• + adapter coil
• + short adapter
• + mini adapter
• + Type-N black
• + Type-S white connector (5-pin, 7-pin, 13-pin, 15-pin)
• + connecting lines
• + park socket


The production of electrical parts is performed in accordance with the standards ISO 7638, ISO 12098, ISO 1185, ISO 3731, and ISO 1724. All of the electrical coils are GGVS/ADR approved. The cable lines of the electrical coils are particularly thick and are made 100% of copper and not just copper alloy.

The plugs are expertly crafted and ensure leak tightness of the material despite cold, frost and humidity. The EBS/ABS electrical coils are available in different designs: 5-pole, 7-pole as well as 13-pole and 15-pole.

Certification of electrical components

ISO 7638
ISO 12098
ISO 1185
ISO 3731
ISO 1724


Surface of the electrical coils made from resistant Hytrel

The surface material of the electrical coils is made from Hytrel. Hytrel consists of polyester elastomer block copolymers, which exhibit an excellent combination of advantages of mechanical and chemical properties. Hytrel qualifies Samco electrical coils for very demanding applications.

product Review

Electrical parts from Samco – Quality that inspires

Many producers of electrical coils proclaim to produce their products in compliance with the ISO-Standards. Yet on closer analysis serious product defects emerge which often is the result of inferior material.

First-class electrical parts
for high quality demands

ABS Steckdose 24V 5-polig
ABS socket 24V 5-pin
24V von 15-poliger Steckdose zu 2x7 poligen Steckern
24V 15-pin socket
to 2x7 pin connectors

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